Aircraft Sales

We have over 40 aircrafts for sale from all over the globe. Passenger/ VIP/ Cargo.

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SamAir Services & Advisory offers the most experienced aviation consultancies, providing aviation advice with a highly professional and catedratic team for every project ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction meeting with aviation regulation, attending to the needs of the consumer while achieving their goals, and saving time and money.

Maintenance Representive 

We are focused on providing our experienced team to facilitate as maintenance representatives during heavy maintenance visits for engines and aircraft's.


Aircraft Return to Service and Ferry Flight

SamAir Services & Advisory  offers an experiences professional team to meet your goals during return to services for your aircraft after a long term parking in less time and cost, no matter where the aircraft is located.


Ours aircraft parts department is one of the largest distributors in South Florida, and we have multi-lingual sales representatives that can easily and quickly serve domestic or international customers around the clock and around the world by finding the right part at the right price. Housing an inventory of rotables and components for airframes, engines, avionics and propellers.


SamAir Services & Advisory offers aircraft operator one of the most advanced and respected training programs in the industry,   meeting aeronautical regulations and requirements covering a wide spectrum business aircraft and commercial aircraft in maintenance. Our aircraft maintenance training programs combine innovative methodologies, knowledgeable and multi-lingual instructors with over 25 years of experience anywhere in the world.

Our Team

SamAir Services & Advisory is dedicated to providing excellent aircraft maintenance advice while keeping it professional and personal. SamAir Services strongly believes in honesty, your experience with us and your safety are our biggest priorities.